List of IT Consultant Companies

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C ontacting consultant's is not a bad option because nothing is better than something.only you have to choose this option in last stage of your job trails.

# Android Companies Bigdata Companies Java Companies Networking Companies Testing Companies
1Snyxius Technologies Pvt Ltd Germin8 Analytics Quotient Shyam Telecom Orimark Technologies
2Ziac Software Pvt Ltd Xurmo Professional Access JSV Technologies ImpactQA
3Telibrahma Technologies Pvt ltd Crayon Data Avekshaa Technologies Pvt Ltd Trimax QA InfoTech
4Appwallet Technologies Pvt Ltd Qubole Supai Infotech India Private Limited Progressive Cigniti
5Teclever Solutions Pvt Ltd Dataswft Happiest Minds Technologies Bechtel Group Odin Technology
6Softek Pvt Ltd Formcept Surya Software Systems Private Limited Taarak India PvtIndium Software
7Tene-Agricultural Solutions Pvt Ltd DataCulture izmo ltd Compnet LtdMoolya Software Testing
8AMR Infotech Pvt Ltd mCarbon Lendingkart Technologies Pvt Ltd Koenig Solutions QAHub
9ECIL Pvt Ltd Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics Rev Tech Solutions India Pvt Ltd Arrive Guru PureTesting
10Converbiz Technologies Pvt Ltd DataWeave SELOTSOFT Virtela NMQA
11Sohamsaa Systems Pvt Ltd PromptCloud Prasanna Technologies PvtYashtel 360Logica
12Craft Silicon Pvt Ltd Nanobi Data And Analytics Pvt Ltd Baryons Software Solutions Tata Communications Limited TestFort
13Pixel Force Pvt Ltd Knowledge Foundry Ibexi Aishwarya Telecom Ltd QA Mentor
14Zeal-Encore Technologies Pvt Ltd BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions Private Limited KNS Technologies Avaya Globalconnect Ltd QASource
15Healthsignz Technologies Pvt Ltd Sigmoid TurningPoint Aksh Optifibre LtdPerformance Lab
16Colors Software Pvt Ltd Equifax Boston Technology Corporation Astra Microwave Products LtdTestMatick
17Young Decade IT Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Data RPM Algofusion Technologies India Private Limited Birla Ericsson Optical LtdStresstesters
18Newgen Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Gramener Estuate Software PvtCMI LtdQualiTest Group
19Creotech Media Solutions Pvt Ltd Frrole Vanward Information Technologies Cable Corporation of India LtdTestingXperts
20Maventic Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd Ramyam Intelligence Lab Endure Software Solutions Cybele Industries LtdA1QA
21Zucite Technologies LLP Textual Analytics Solutions Lean Infotech Delton Cables LtduTest
22Appzera(OPC) Pvt Ltd Saggezza Mastercom Technology Services India Pvt Ltd Dhanus Technologies LtdTestree (Nous Infosystems)
23Kavin Corporation Nabler Web Solutions Keyfalcon Solutions Eider Infotech LtdKualitatem Inc
24Clonect Solutions Pvt Ltd Probe Information Services Pvt LtdDream Tekis Software PvtEsskay Telecom LtdQATestLab
25Zantrik Technologies Pvt Ltd GrayMatter Software Services PvtAzuga Finolex Cables LtdAcutest
26Cognetec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd Manthan Software Services PvtAtto communication Private LimitedFrog Cellsat LtdZoonou
27Pepper Square Software Services Pvt Ltd Analytics Quotient Services India Private Limited Teminnova Technologies Private Limited GTL Infrastructure LtdSQS Group
28Envibyte Technologies Pvt Ltd EigenRisk AdventSys Technologies Private Limited Gujarat Optical Communication LtdThinksoft Global Services Ltd
29Snapbizz Cloudtech Pvt Ltd Absolutdata Extensio Software (India) PvtGemini Communications LtdSogeti
30Suchan Software Pvt Ltd Analyttica Iolite Technologies Goldstone Infratech Ltd UST Global
31Medyug Technology Pvt Ltd(Mtatva) Incedo Cloudjet Labs HFCL Infotel Ltd LogiGear
32Trinity Mobility Pvt Ltd Data Semantics PvtAqualogic Tech Systems Himachal Futuristic Communications LtdAdactIn Group
33Outthinking Pvt Ltd Fractal Analytics Capiot Intergrated Digital Info Services Ltd PractiTest
34Saastech Software Pvt Ltd Antuit Ample Softwares Pvt Ltd Integra Telecommunication And Software LtdRanorex
35GreenBubbles Startup Services Pvt Ltd InterpretOmics India Pvt Ltd SAPTALABS Kaleidoscope Films Ltd Seapine
36I-Weave Solutions Pvt Ltd Scienaptic Therefore Kavveri Telecom Products LtdSoflab Technology
37Effia Technologies Pvt Ltd Cloudera BetterPlace Krone Communications LtdTest Insane
38Bytech India Pvt Ltd Qburst CitiusTech MIC Electronics LtdTestuff
39Arima Research LLP  Vuram Mobile Tele Communications Ltd Tricentis
40Impressol E-Services LLP Thinking Hut Munoth Communication Ltd Vornex


  • Be perfect for each and every interview process. Never and ever think just technical knowledge skill going to HELP.
  • Many job-Seeker's thinking I really don't need to improve Communication and Aptitude skill and Simply trying.
  • Keep trying to attend more n more interview opportunity, with that you will get confidence, you will learn something and then you focus more for improving your poor skills.
  • Personally i know its tough to find Employee Referral, but doesn't means you will never get! You need to work-out by own.
  • Just remember each and every interview process are elimination round. Please concentrate more and more your preparation and use each & every interview with your quality efforts. Simply don't try all!
  • Starting a IT career matter instead of simply thinking about good package and all. After starting IT career you can switch wherever you want with everthing good, but again you need to work hard, work smart, need to gain more n more knowledge.
  • IF you are perfect enough in your skill for cracking any kind of interviews then no need to worry. Just keep trying all possible opportunities.
  • You are here for making career, you are here to full-fill your dreams, your family dreams. Never and ever miss-guided by any dummy person whoever trying to fool with giving xyz random waste suggestion.
  • Use your all resources to get information, never and ever sit ideal, never and ever feel frustrated. Because your mind will start working for all quality works, once you feel you are in progressive way
  • Never and ever think about any back-door or any fake opportunity where people asking money for providing direct offer letter and all.
  • Remember your each investment are previous doesn't matter its 1 rs or 1k or 1lakh because its your parents precious money. Use your parents money properly and use it for some genuine cause. Simply don't thrown here and there, because many fake job-provider already fooled and fooling job-seekers!

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